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Rockstar confirms that the announcement of GTA 6 for 2019 appeared in GTA Online is wrong

Several days ago that some GTA Online users have seen messages appear with the release date of launch of GTA 6 in the middle of their games.

The message appeared in the left corner of the screen, and at a first glance, it could be seen as real: the source used was the same one that Rockstar uses officially, and there was even a link to the company’s website, you can see and image below:

GTA 6 release date

But, of course, it seemed quite doubtful. Reddit began to emerge various theories that tried to find an explanation. Some argued that this was a joke perpetrated by modders since the notification only appeared on PCs and previous generation consoles. Others, it was impossible for Rockstar to plan GTA 6 for 2019 with Red Dead Redemption 2 so close.

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The company has finally come out on Twitter and confirmed that the notification is false. Apparently, the fault lies with the modders, who would have taken advantage of the game’s announcement system to distribute the message.

We will have to wait a little longer.

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