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Best GTA 5 Money Generators in 2018

There is a massive list of players that play GTA 5 on a regular basis. These people tend to have a wide array of tasks in front of them while the gameplay is up and running. Players often find themselves in a shortage of cash while they are playing the game. Especially, if it is about the first few days of your game, you are likely to be frustrated due to a shortage of money. However, you have GTA 5 money generator that will help you in generating more cash. From using the GTA 5 money hack to cheating and doing stuff that will assist you in attaining some extra money, here is everything that will help you in making money.

Armored Car Hack in GTA 5:

A fantastic GTA 5 money generator 2018 has been stated by a player and is worth trying. It can be a little tricky, but if you manage to do it appropriately, you will end up creating a cash loop that is infinite. In short, if done appropriately there are strong chances that you will be able to have unlimited cash at your disposal.

GTA 5 money generator 2018

The player suggests that you need to steal an armored car with Michael. While stealing may seem a relatively easy job for unlimited cash, it gets a little tighter when you are asked not to fire any shot! Moreover, once you get your hands on the wheel without firing a bullet, you are then required to evade the police quickly. As you are done with it, park the car in your garage and save the game. The armored vehicle will be placed in your garage as long as you want. Then go into the garage and blow the doors off while your car is in the garage. Loot the armored vehicle and come out of your garage. The car will still be there, and when you re-enter the parking, you will find that the vehicle is repaired and is all set to be looted once again. Repeat is as many times as possible and leave the car there forever to possess infinite cash obtaining machine.

GTA 5 Money Generator No Survey: ATM Robberies

ATM robberies are among the easiest ways to get a bit of cash in the game. Keep looking for the people who have just visited the ATM as they generally have some decent amount of money in their pocket. Wait around them till they exit the ATM and then rob them by scaring either with bare fists or using a suppressed weapon.

Legit GTA 5 money generator no survey 2018

Robbing stores and markets

There are numerous things that you can do in GTA 5 to make money. From using GTA 5 money generator to getting money by robbing smaller markets, everything will add up to your wealth. At the start, robbing the corner markets and convenience stores can be your pick. Merely get a vehicle and search around the stores for a good hiding place. Once found, park your car facing the street and go into a store. Walk in and take a look at the cashier. Aim a gun at him and shoot a few bullets around to assure that he is quick in his working. Gather the cash and run away before the police arrive. Hide at the place that you have chosen and evade the police before getting out again. Doing it for a few times will assure that you end up with some money that you can invest in stocks.

GTA 5 money generator no human verification 2018

Best tip for get extra money from stores:

Here is a pro tip for you. There are certain stores that have two registers. Collect all the money from the first one and fire on the second register so that you can force more money to pop out. Shooting it prior to collecting all the money from the first register will alert people around as the sound of a gunshot will be there.

You can even rob the clothing and armor stores. Get in with a gun aiming at the cashier as you enter the store. Shoot them and open the registers yourself to get the money that is available inside.

legit GTA 5 money generator no survey

Be careful when robbing a single store again and again. The cashier may get a gun and will not hesitate in using it.

Street Racing

Whenever you find Franklin running out of money, street racing can serve as an excellent source. If you plan to do it on a regular basis then get your hands on a Coil Voltic. It is an electric sports car and, once you obtain it, you should put in all efforts to customize it as much as possible. Along with this car, and the unique talent of Franklin, you can easily win any race. Make sure that the yellow bar is at the maximum when you are about to start the race. Whenever you are reaching sharp corners and heavy traffic areas at full speed, press the L3 R3 keys simultaneously and use the special talent of Franklin in critical situations to win these races. Make sure that you turn the unique skills off as soon as you are out of trouble to keep it as high as possible.

GTA 5 money generator no human verification

Robbing Armored Truck

If you are looking forward to some easiest ways of making money then robbing armored trucks can be your pick. You will see that they appear as blips on your minimap randomly as you are driving around the streets and roads. Once you have the blip, get to that area and rob that vehicle. Just eliminate the drivers and blow the back doors with the help of a blast using either a C4 or with the help of a gun. Using GTA 5 money generator that actually works you can collect the money from the armored truck which can be as much as $5000 or even more. Make sure that you do not take too long as the cops will arrive soon.

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GTA 5 money generator no survey

There are instances when you will end up with security guards transferring the money to the vehicle. In that case, it becomes more comfortable for you to rob it. Just take out the security guards before collecting the cash and jump back into your car for a good run.

How to get unlimited money in GTA 5:

Looking to make unlimited money? Want to go beyond a billion dollar mark in the game? Try out assassinations. It is the best way in which you take on Lester’s stock market assassination missions. It is about the development of wealth and Lester offers Franklin missions in which he needs to eliminate some people. These are generally individuals that have a decisive say in the companies that are selling their stocks and shares. As they are assassinated, the value of assets drop down, and it ultimately benefits the stock market investors and Lester in particular.

How to get unlimited money in GTA 5

However, it is not only about the money that you are going to make with assassinations. Before you proceed with these missions, there are certain assets where you need to invest before and after you complete the job. It helps you in getting a high return on your investment.

In the hotel assassination, before you head over for the job, invest in Beta Pharmaceuticals (BET), and you will get 21% to 80% return depending on your console. Once the mission is completed, put your money on Bilkington Pharmaceuticals (BIL), and you will end up with 65% to 80% return on your investment.

When you are given the multi-target assassination, invest in Debonaire Cigarettes (DEB) before killing the individuals, and you will receive 85% to 95% return on your investment. Once done, put your money on Redwood Cigarettes (RWC) and end up with impressive 290% to 390% return on your finances!

Moving ahead, you will have the vice assassination where you can invest in fruit before proceeding and Façade after completing the task. You will have 25% – 60% and 25% to 35% profit respectively.

Lastly, the bus assassination and the construction assassination are there for you. Invest in Vapid (VAP) after completing bus assassination to get 95 to 100 percent return while putting your money on Gold Coast Construction before the construction assassination to receive 75% to 80% profit.


There is an old trick of the stock market that still exists in GTA V. Buy low and sell high while keeping your eye on the news to figure out the good and bad stocks. Waiting for the return can be a bit frustrating so before you invest in the stocks turn off your autosave. Then save the game and spend all the money in the capital that you think will go up. After that, go to the safehouse and rest there. Note that you must not save the game at this moment. Once back up, check out the stocks and keep an eye on them as they will rise. Sell your assets once the price is high and make a decent profit. And in case that the assets drop down, you can load your game from the saved file, and you will be back up with time and money on your side.

Stocks in GTA 5

Investing in GoldCoast, AirEmu, and FlyUS

These are three decent investments in the stock market that you can make according to your game progress and mission. The investment in GoldCoast, as stated above is best be done before you proceed with the construction assassination. Once you complete the task and are dome with the elimination of the individual, you will end up with almost double return on your investment.

As you are heading forward in your game, you will come across the mission Legal Trouble. Before you complete the particular mission, invest money in AirEmu. Then head out and complete the mission legal trouble. Once done, you will find that the price of AirEmu is increased while on the other hand, the FlyUS will decrease drastically. Thus, sell your shares in AirEmu, and you will end up with the profits.

As the price of FlyUS falls after the mission, invest your money in it. After a few missions, you will come across a task named Meltdown. Completing it will restore the price of FlyUS, and it will go back to its original amount. So, you can sell it then and will end up doubling your investment.

Using GTA 5 money generator:

It is perhaps not the best GTA 5 money generator without human verification or survey 2018 as many people claim that it does nothing for them; still, it is worth a try. There are some money generating sites that actually work while most of them are just a scam. All you have to do is go to the GTA 5 money generator website. Then click on the generator to run the money hack program before use this generator see a proof video below:

The pop up will ask you to enter specific details. First of all, you need to provide your online GTA 5 username which has to be spelled correctly. Make sure that you do not commit any mistakes while typing it or you won’t receive any money. Then select the platform that you are playing your game on, e.g., a computer, PlayStation (along with the model, i.e., PS3, PS4), or XBOX (can be Xbox 360 or Xbox ONE).

Once you provide the details above, choose the money that you want to be generated. Some may also offer you a chance to make RP along with cash. Once done, click ‘start’ or ‘generate’ whatever is in front of you and you will end up with that particular money in your online account. You may have to go through a human verification process while generating the amount.

Final words for GTA 5 Money Generator:

So, these are some hacks and cheats that you can use to make more and more money in GTA. Take a look at the ones provided to you above and select the GTA 5 money generator no human verification that feels appealing to you. Use it to make as much money as possible. As for the GTA 5 money generator, a lot of people try to use it. Some manage to get the payment required and are happy with it while others may find it of no use. In any case, it is recommended that one should use the in-game cheats as you will be able to enjoy the gameplay as well as you will be able to acquire the money for your needs in the game.

GTA 5 money hack

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